Chen qiao en ming dao dating

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However, as January, 2014, the  couple are not together.

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The 26-year-old, who made her acting debut in 2005, had a clean image throughout her 9-year career, and only admitted to one relationship prior to dating Nicky.

It was later confirmed by various sources that Cecilia’s ex-boyfriend was not from the entertainment industry, and that they had dated for three years.

However, as Cecilia’s career was taking flight, her mother did not approve their relationship.

One thing special about Chen is that she has excelled in the romance genre.

No wonder fans have nicknamed her "Queen of Romance." She is also famous for being linked to many leading men with whom she co-starred.

Although Chen Qiao-En debuted in the 2001 Taiwanese drama is what propelled her to top-tier star status with international fame.

In recent years, she has found more projects in the Chinese mainland.

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In reality is she and her foreign boy friend Michael’s relationship broken is a concern, yesterday Joe was asked regarding this issue, she started of playing dumb, then later shyly said: “Ok, we are still together.” But for Valentines present, she doesn’t have high hopes, also today since am I’ll be filming.

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