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Styling by Sara Jane Hoare; Makeup for Larson by Fulvia Farolfi for Chanel; Hair for Larson by Teddy Charles; Makeup for Woodley by Roxy at the Magnet Agency using Rejuva Minerals; Hair for Woodley by Keith Carpenter at The Wall Group; Sweaters by the Row.And yet, on a Sunday night in early May, I decided to cook dinner for Shailene Woodley, the star of the international hit Divergent, and Brie ­Larson, who won a good deal of attention last year for her award-winning role in the film Short Term 12.Most of Aria's story line revolves on her love life. In season 5B, she deals with the fact that Alison is 'A', but later in 5B it's revealed that she isn't.

The following year, she debuted as a coach on the reality competition television series The Voice; she has since appeared on six of its twelve seasons.

I wanted to see them together, because Woodley and Larson are close friends and allies in their unique quest to raise Hollywood’s consciousness.

It seemed to me that their common vision—a hippieish wish to alter the system while doing great work in a business that is tough for women—would blossom in an organic manner over dinner.

I wanted more than a few passing references to the mysteries that started it all. ), I would still be tuning in every Tuesday to figure out the identity of A.

With the series finale airing this week, the pressure to solve the last few mysteries is on.

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This murder mystery has involved 13 dead bodies (even though not all of these bodies remained dead) — Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty), Sara Harvey (Dre Davis), Archer Dunhill (Huw Collins), Charlotte Di Laurentis/Ce Ce Drake (Vanessa Ray), Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish), Shana Fring (Aeriél Miranda), Alison Di Laurentis (Sasha Pieterse), Bethany Young, Jessica Di Laurentis (Andrea Parker), Garrett Reynolds (Yani Gellman), Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson), Maya St.