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For multiple value fields you need to supply an object with a "results" property and an array. The update method is very similar to the add method in that it takes a plain object representing the fields to update.The property names are the internal names of the fields.If you aren't sure you can always do a get request for an item in the list and see the field names that come back - you would use these same names to update the item.I must stress this question is for Nintex and Share Point online.Then I tried to do some POC kind of stuff and modified it to update only single item, even ID is hardcoded here. You will need to identify the list and the list item that you want to update, but it's pretty straightforward. In the Value box enter what the value of the field needs to be, for example 3 for the item with ID 3. I am trying to update for single item only, although I will modify it for large number of items but for now I am concerned about the fact that it is not working for single item and will it work for large number of items.I used it for multiple items, but then it didn't worked for multiple items.

It duplicates fine but won't overwrite the line entry. This does not answer the question as per the Stack Exchange standards. If you are facing any issue with your code then you can ask a new question describing your problem.Ideally I would like to upload the Excel file to a document library and have a workflow read this file for "Job Numbers" and update items in the main list where "Excel: Job Numbers = Main List: Job Numbers" - thus eliminating the process of copy/paste from excel to Access to update the planner list (this list could grow greatly and waiting for the sync from Access to Share Point makes this process 'bad for business') I must stress this question is for Nintex and Share Point online.In this blog, I would like to add a code snippet for updating items in a Share Point Announcement list, using Java Script Object Model.Let's say for instance you have a Share Point list where you manage tasks.You have your weekly review meeting and need to perform updates on those tasks.

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